What? A New Post On My Blog?

I’ve neglected my music blog for the past few years but I think it’s time I started posting again. I think I’ll just write about the music I listen to and the mixes I’ve made though I’ll start by writing a bit about myself.

I’ve been a fan of music all my life. Born when disco was at it’s peak, I’ve always liked music with a good beat. In the late 1990s my interest in DJing got serious and I started collecting unmixed house & techno CDs. In September 2000, after a busy summer of working two jobs, I bought my first set of gear: Numark CDN-32s dual CD player and Gemini PS-626 Pro 2 mixer. I wish I had bought tabletop CDJs but they were just too pricey at the time. I still have that old gear boxed up. I haven’t used it since 2008. I loved that Gemini mixer. The only feature it was missing are EQ kill switches. It still works, though it has needed a new crossfader for many years. Because of that I spent years perfecting mixing with only the channel faders. From 2001 to 2006 I recorded a bunch of demos with that setup. Then life happened (professional IT career & family) and trying to become a full time professional DJ just wasn’t going to help pay the bills. When my 2nd kid was born in 2007 I barely had time to DJ for fun. In the mean time I slowly converted my entire 800 or so CD collection into MP3s. Then in 2008 I started fiddling with Traktor and then accumulated what is now my current controller setup: M-Audio X-Session Pro mixer, NI Kontrol X1 controller, and NI Audio 2 DJ audio interface. In December 2009 I decided to get back into DJing, but only as a hobbyist. Honestly, I wasn’t going to get tonnes of bookings in my town playing hard dance anyways! And with how the Internet had progressed, it was now possible to upload a long MP3 file in a decent amount of time. In 2010 I started by posting my mixes on my facebook page. After getting some feedback (and building back my confidence in my DJing skills) I moved on to proper music streaming platforms such as mixcloud.com and more recently mixcrate.com and house-mixes.com.

Most of my mixes (or podcasts if you like) are under the ‘Activation’ banner. I had some old demos called ‘Trance Activation’. I guess I liked the sound of it. The music activates your brain & your body. Which is fitting since most of my mixes are energetic, sometimes aggressive, and usually high in tempo (as in over 130bpm). At first my podcasts were mostly hard house, hard dance, uplifting trance, and hard trance. That was my comfort zone since that’s what I had been mixing since forever. But then I started venturing again into techno, psychedelic trance, hard techno & schranz, acid techno, and more recently breakbeats.

Well, that’s enough from me for now. Here’s my latest techno mix for all to enjoy:

Activation Techno Session 20 by Dj Shaun on Mixcloud

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